Maldives surf & yoga retreat

South Atols 28.3–5.4. 2020 and 5–13.4.2020


It all started when…

We wanted to design a cruise for both surfers and travelers who are just looking for relaxation and experiencing the beauty of the Maldivian archipelago. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast or someone looking for a more mellow vacation, you are welcome:

This is one of our base islands for the day trips.

This is one of our base islands for the day trips.

NEXT DREAM TRIP TO MALEDIVEs / SOUTH ATOLS 28.3–5.4. 2020 OR 5.–13.4.2020

Heat, sun, turquoise and crystal clear water occasionally dotted by a surfer or tropical fish. Quiet deserted islands with palm trees and white sandy beaches.

The Maldives archipelago is a magical place, and we will take you to experience all its beauty. We travel and live in the spacious 4-storey boat, which will make sure surf-wise that you are in a right place during your dream holiday.

Villa Mandala’s Mikko hosts these trips, and he is there to guarantee, that you can enjoy to the max your leisure on the boat. The surfers of course, are taken to places where they can surf as much as their shoulders can paddle. If you a not a surfer, or wish to explore something new, you have plenty to do outside the impact zone, too: Day trips to the islands, supping and snorkling within the atolls on the lagoons, visiting a beautiful resort, and of course yoga twice a day. The boat has a roof terrace where Villa Mandala’s yoga teacher offers you every morning a good workout with a dynamic yoga exercise (if you wish), surrounded by a beautiful morning seascape, and the evening restorative yoga under the stars. Our staff will make sure that the food is fresh and tasty (three times a day!) and everything on the boat runs smoothly.

Although there is a variety of programs available, these trips are especially suitable for a vacationer who wants a totally stress-free holiday along the sea without hurry or worry. Everything is organised for you, so you can just sit back in the stunning scenery and enjoy the program of the day if it attracts you.


Your host Mikko Harma is Villa Mandala’s CEO, who has a strong experience on arranging quality trips and retreats (hosted over 100 retreats and trips all over the world). Now he is working with the best team of Maldives to make sure everything really runs smoothly on your perfect vacation. The cruise operator is The Perfect Travel Group Global Pty Ltd.

Mikko and the boat’s own local surf guide know all about the surf spots and when and how they work for you to get everything out of the dreamiest waves on this planet.

These trips are suitable for yogis as well as passionate surfers. You can stay on the boat and do yoga, or get up even earlier and dive into other kind of sun salutations on your surf board instead.

Our boat is accompanied by a 10m long fishing boat and with it we take surfers every morning to surf at sunrise. Throughout the day, surfers get into the water as much as they can surf. When the boat has a mixed group, the boat's own people do not cause a crowd in the surf spot and the atmosphere of the boat remains relaxed. We’ll take the big boat every day next to the surf spots during after breakfast and then the beginner surfers can also try surfing or just admire the endless beauty of the waves.


The Maldives is about 600 km long island state and most of the local population and tourism is concentrated in the main capital of the surrounding area of Malé. Most surfers are heading to this area, and it’s pretty crowded in this part of the archipelago. We travel to the outermost islands of the Maldives to the South Atoll in Huvadhuule. Far from the capital, the water is clean and clear, the landscape is beautiful and largely untouched.


Villa Mandala has a priority in contributing to environmental work and preservation of the unique nature of Maledives, while enjoying the travels there. Villa Mandala is committed to conduct our work in a responsible way and we expect the same commitment from our partners. Sustainability for us is how we treat each other, flora, fauna, our partners and customers - how we take the environmental issues into account in all of our actions. A great deal of that is about sustainable practices.

A large part of the Maldives lives on tourism and the other half has their livelihood on fishing. The boats we use on our trips are modern to pollute minimally. Compared to the local fishing boats, the difference is real. Tourism is the most important source of income for the locals, so advocacy work, our negotiations with the tour operators and everyday living with the locals will allow us to influence. The impact is not only on today's world, but is also defining the values the future tourism in the Maldives will build upon.

The environmental sustainability, the protection of the invaluable reefs, the continuous care for the waste recycling, the quest for protected waters and the animal rights during the travels are our ways to make a little difference. On the boat we consume less than we would on a resort, and we are happy to still employ a large number of local people. Our partner co-operates with local and international NGOs and has charity projects contributing for local education, marine protection and public health services.

As our own drop in the ocean we donate a part of our profits to Greenpeace's sea protection fund. We organise for our guests a voluntary Island Clean Up Day during every trip. The day is part of the collaboration with the international Parley for the Oceans. More about Parley here. During the day we collect plastic waste from beaches. The waste is delivered to the recycler to take the best possible care of it.


There are few beautiful, small islands to visit on our day trips. Here you can snorkel or SUP studying the reef, read a book or just rest in the sun - as a good vacationer should. We also serve lunch on the island and bring SUP boards and snorkeling equipment, parasols, towels and cold drinks for a day trip. We leave the island as intact as it was when we arrived – the island is still deserted for those who arrive to paradise next.


The morning exercise on the ship's deck is a unique experience. The sounds of the awakening tropics, the water and the adjoining islands is the best music! There is no sign of other people around – just dolphins and turtles next to the boat. Our boat is parked inside the atoll where the sea does not rock the boat. Yoga is designed to be somewhat challenging but suitable for everyone who is in need for a good exercise. The day kicks off even better once you dive in to the turquoise water after a sweaty morning exercise.


In addition to the deserted island, we visit Ayada Maldives Resort to enjoy the sunset in the pool area and relax in Ayada's Heavenly Spa. For many years, Ayada has been awarded the best resort in the Maldives. We have a special deal with them for having a chance to spend time at the resort and enjoy their services at an additional cost. Visit the services here in advance:


Scuba diving is arranged for us by Ayada Maldives resort. Visit the price list and services here.  


Many consider the Maldive’s waves the best in the world. The crystal clear water makes your surfing experience almost unreal. For example, compared to the waves in Indonesia, the Maldives' waves are softer, but still such that they offer a rush to the more experienced surfer.

There are a lot of surf spots and, according to the weather, we split the group to different spots so that everyone can get the most of the surfing every day. In the Maldives all the surf spots are on reef, so we recommend reefs booties for all surfers. Beginners are directed to the surf at high tide, when there is little harm from the reef, but sometimes you can drift into shallow water and then it is good to have booties on your feet.

The boat has a couple of soft top boards that can be used by beginners, but we recommend taking your own board. Long boards do not fit into a small airplanes, so please note that your board is less than 8 feet. The boat offers 2 boogie boards with flippers and 2 large soft top boards for first-timers, and 1 NSP plastic board for the more advanced beginners.

You should take your own boards with. Boat SUP boards can be a good way to get closer to the surf if you don't dare surf on the bigger day. The waves of the Maldives always have a clear deep water channel without any breaking waves, so the surfer can rest in flat water. Getting back to surf is much easier thanks to the channel.

The distances are not long and our mother ship is mostly within the atoll. There is no rough seas inside the atoll and our large boat is particularly stable


Our boat is a 36m long high quality travel boat. We stay in double or twin share air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. The boat has three floors and a fourth floor roof terrace. Rooms are on the lower floor and on the third floor. The middle floor has a large living room with dining area and kitchen. There are four outdoor living areas to spend the day in the shade and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. The rooftop terrace offers stunning scenery, and it is pleasant to spend the day sunbathing on the sun loungers. 

Meals are served in the second-floor dining room. The food is varied and tasty. No meat is served in the menu, but we get a lot of fresh fish everyday. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee is always available. Drinking water is also always available. Alcoholic beverages are subject to a fee.

The boat also has its own masseur and one massage 60min costs $ 50.


Cost of a trip 2922USD / 8pv including accommodation in 2-person double or twin share air-conditioned cabins with private bathroom, all meals, and round trips to the Gaafu Atoll from Male and 2 yoga classes / day.

By paying a reservation fee of 877USD, you confirm your reservation.


Send an email to Mikko ( and get more information about confirming your reservation. Travel times 28.3-5.4.2020 and 5.-13.4.2020.

Villa Mandala is a responsible tour operator. Additional information: KVV / Finnish Competition and Consumer Agency. 


As a tour operator in the Maldives, The Perfect Travel Group Global Pty Ltd manages all travel arrangements and travel arrangements. We’ll send you the terms and conditions of the tour operator for you to read before paying the booking fee. Welcome aboard!